Application Performance Management

Optimize Applications. Minimize Downtime.

Analysis Networking has got the management tools to let operate applications optimally. The result is satisfied users and decrease in costs.

Managing an application-intensive network is complicated, and end-users expect perfection. In addition application downtime costs big money. How do you ensure business critical applications perform at optimal levels? With an APM solution that provides application detail within the context of network performance.


Network Performance Management

Optimize your network automatically leads to better overall business performance. No network “traffic jams” anymore and better performance are very important for every company. Stability and speed, it’s all about that. Analysis Networking is able to make every detail visible by using root cause analysis.


We can determine quickly whether problems are occurring in the network or within applications. Don’t search anymore for a long time.


Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

NPMD, Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, change the view of your network. The focus is not primarily on the devices, but starts with the end-user experience and the applications. Another aspect of NPMD is the ‘D’ of diagnostics. Through real-time and historical analytics data is transformed into consumable information.

With this end-to-end visibility, it is possible to identify and resolve performance and availability issues. Essential for IT infrastructure management and business-critical applications.