Performance Health Check

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Our Performance Health Check will give you insight into the performance of your IT network and especially where you can make improvements.

Why a Performance Healtch Check?

Complaints about the performance, dont’t know where the bottleneck is located or just a benchmark. We hear many reasons why companies choose for this Performance Health Check. When your organization grows, we often see problems arise with the IT environment. We can also check if your current supplier keeps his appointments. Enough reasons for a Performance Health Check.

Performance Health Check – clear approach

Analysis Networking uses a clear, phased approach:

  • Intake
  • Physical IT infrastructure inspection in accordance with guidelines
  • Samples: Measuring your physical infrastructure wih a certified tester and connector image analysis for fiber optic connectors
  • Measurements in your Data Network with a Data-Analyser
  • Measurements on end-user level with delay drill down analysis
  • All measuring data will be digital available


No secrets anymore in your IT Network for you and your employees with our successful method. We can also help you as a coach with the actual implementation of the improvements. We are independent relative to your hardware and software suppliers.